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Once we get a new managed IT partner fully onboarded and the kinks from their last IT provider worked out, it’s typical for the topic of phones to surface. While networking hardware, computers, and the other everyday facets of a clinic’s technology may be up to date, phone systems are oftentimes overlooked.

Even if you’ve invested in an expensive, on-premise phone system, complete with a call tree and digital voicemail, there’s a very high probability that it isn’t capable of handling modern technology requirements.

Through our valued partnerships with two industry leaders, we can quickly and painlessly facilitate your change to a modern digital voice system that works for your organization.


Leveraging modern technology with your phones and patient connections.

“I know we need to replace our phone system, but I want one that also helps us communicate with our patients better.”
What would you say about a system that syncs directly to your desk and mobile phones, provides exceptionally simple, easy to change voicemail greeting recordings on a smart schedule, allows two-way texting directly from your computer’s Desktop or your smart phone to your patients, automatically responds with a text to missed callers, and pops up a window on your screen with patient name and notes during incoming calls? Well, Weave Plus does all that!

If your EHR and Practice Management software doesn’t integrate with Weave Plus, the Weave Core system provides all of the necessary functionality otherwise.

To learn more, simply visit https://getweave.com and watch the video. You can also schedule a demo directly, which should answer any questions you may have.

Should you choose to go with Weave, Affinity will automatically be assigned the installation task (we’re the only Weave Approved Installer/Trusted Partner north of Grand Rapids). This will help us provide you with the best possible installation and training experience from top to bottom as we will communicate directly with your assigned Onboarder, ensuring that your new phones are shipped on time, the proper equipment is in place, and that you’ll have an understanding of how your system works before we walk out the door.


Simple, straightforward, digital communication and texting from your phones.

“One of the turbines powering our archaic phone system in the cellar went down. Maybe it’s time for a change?”
Yeah, it probably is. With the advent of cloud computing, replacing that expensive, outdated phone appliance gathering cobwebs in the basement with a centrally-managed solution is almost always the better way to go. We’ve had many clients reach out, asking if we can repair their phone system because the guy that did the install 20 years ago is now sitting on a beach in Florida, enjoying his retirement.

If you’ve looked into the Weave Communications Toolbox and have decided it’s not the solution for you, then our recommendation is a modern, digital IP-based phone system with some options for bells and whistles as you so desire. Two-way texting, Desktop integration, and a mobile app all come included. If you’re in service range, we strongly recommend that you also look into our fiber Internet service (well, truth be told, we’ve probably already looked into it for you if you’re a client of ours) to maximize your digital phone system’s performance and experience overall improvement in your practice’s Internet connectivity.

After a quick consultation to identify your specific needs, we will quote out and implement either a Polycom or Yealink voice system custom to your environment. Oh, and some good news to help you make your purchase decision: The phones come with service and warranty for a low monthly price (no outright purchase of the devices necessary).

If you’re ready for a free estimate, just let us know and we’ll spin it around for you as quickly as humanly possible. After all, that’s what you’ve gotten used to, right?

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