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Electronic Health and Medical Records:

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"I just got word that the hospital won't be hosting our EHR much longer, and I have no idea what to do. Where do I even begin?"
By now, you’ve already converted your paper charts to an electronic system, and it’s probably hosted in the cloud somewhere in India. How is it performing? Who owns your ePHI data? This may surprise you, but if you don’t house your data on-premise, you’re not its owner. Makes you think, doesn’t it?

There’s also a common misconception that your ePHI is safe in the cloud. Well, this cloud isn’t a magical portal accessible only by riding a unicorn across a mystical rainbow road. It’s a cluster of computers, and these systems are targeted by hackers more than individual practices and clinics are. This isn’t to say that the cloud isn’t a viable solution for you, but it certainly isn’t the answer to every question. Here in Northwest Michigan, the performance is severely limited by cloud-hosted solutions (I’m sure you’ve noticed), and, if you’ve moved to fiber Internet and are still having performance issues, it may be time to start looking into a faster, more secure, more reliable option that may also involve having you become the proud new owner of your own patient data.

Regardless of your EHR solution of choice, we are proficient in diagnosing issues, working hand-in-hand with support, and handling any problems that you may have, whether your software database is in the cloud, hosted by your local hospital, or on the in-house servers at your practice.

If you’re starting up a new practice or still need to migrate your current data into a proper EHR/EMR system, we’ve been there and done that, too. Contact us to schedule your no-cost, no-obligation initial technical assessment (ITA) so we can get you off on the right foot.

Affinity is a preferred IT Vendor for eClinicalWorks and services many clinics and practices in the region, as far south as Lansing and over the Mighty Mackinac Bridge.

Regulatory Security Standards:


"I've heard horror stories about data breaches that ended up costing doctors hundreds of thousands of dollars. I don't want to be next."
Well, we don’t want that, either! Security audits can be nightmares, particularly if you’re not prepared. Not surprisingly, there are many preventive measures that can be taken to protect against unhappy endings should your clinic or practice become prey to an audit or security breach.

Let us help you be prepared. From internal security audits to industry compliance tests and everything in between, our expertise can be of great benefit. More and more expectations and requirements are coming down the pike all the time, and they include everything from PCI DSS compliance for your credit card processing to verifying the security of your hardware security appliance and wireless networks. This is what we do. We’re good at it.

Our techies are all studied up on HIPAA regulatory requirements, and we work hand-in-hand with the major medical providers and hospitals in the area, giving us the support we need when necessary.

Don’t get left wondering if you’re going to be all right in the event of an audit or a data security breach. Let us help you make sure you’re secure.

Mobile Productivity:

Everything you need, everywhere you go - securely.

"I'm a doctor. I have too much to do, and I don't like to be at the clinic until 10 every night. I want to work from home."
Great. That’s good to hear. We work with dozens of healthcare providers, and we’re fully aware how much is expected of you – even after hours when the patients and office staff have left to go home for the day. There you sit, in a dimly-lit room, staring at a 14″ laptop screen at 9 on a Monday night.

The good news is that you can work from wherever you need to and have access to everything you need. Monday nights at 9 should be spent on a couch in front of a football game on the big screen, not crammed in an office. There is a virtual private network solution for you, and it doesn’t have to cost much, fortunately. In most cases, we’re able to set up the secure system you need either with an inexpensive, suitable firewall appliance or, oftentimes, using the equipment you already have with no additional software or hardware purchases necessary.

Though we didn’t get flying cars in 2015 like they said we would, we do have a lot of cool technology that can be of great benefit to you. Stuff that will make your life better and easier. That’s what we do, and we’re the best in town at getting it done the right way. Let us help!

Still unconvinced? Cling to discomfort much?

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