“I’m fed up with my slow Charter connection going down twice a week, but I looked into Fiber Internet, and it’s way too expensive.”

We hear you on the Charter reliability and speed. Fact of the matter is that there are too many irons in the fire and too many connections on each node. When you’re promised 400Mbps, what you’re getting is up to 400Mbps; if you run independent speed tests, you’ll see what we mean. On top of that, that’s only your download speed; when you’re needing to send images, big attachments, etc., you’re getting about 5% of the total speed going out (that’s called your upstream, or upload speed).

Aside from the limitations on copper/coaxial Internet bandwidth, one of the primary reasons Affinity chose to provide fiber services to our client base is reliability. There is just too much instability for a business to operate effectively (particularly if your data is hosted in the cloud). This is where fiber saves the day. Losing your Internet connection is so rare that it generally only happens when power goes out to your building or in the unlikely event a contractor somewhere cuts an underground fiber line. Even then, the main trunks are redundant (meaning there’s a backup for them), so get ready to have always-up Internet connectivity!

The connection speed you pay for is the connection speed you get. It’s not shared with other businesses in the area, lagging and becoming bogged down during peak usage times; it’s yours! All yours! Mua ha ha! Ahem. Anyway, fiber is highly secure, highly reliable, and lightning fast. Even if you go with a 25Mbps fiber plan and compare it to a 400Mbps Charter plan (16 times faster, right?) it is a considerable improvement.

Another obvious reason to switch to fiber Internet is for the sake of your digital phone system. Ever have a client tell you that you sound like you’re talking down a tunnel or yelling into a tin can? Well, that’s your Charter connection not being able to meet the demands of a digital voice solution. Fiber doesn’t have that problem. If that’s not enough for you, the truth is that more and more solutions and services are moving to the cloud every day, and chances are that your data will eventually be there as well. Why not get a head start and get locked in on a low-cost service rate now? You’ll be happy you did.

If you want to see the real value in our fiber Internet service, give Charter a call and ask for their cost on a 25Mbps fiber connection to your building. Let’s just say you’ll be going with us!

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