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Paperless forms and digital integration:

Eliminate the clipboard and minimize patient waiting room time

“We’ve got so many paper forms that need to be scanned in that we had to rent out a storage unit. When can we move into the 21st century?”
Well, the short answer is we’re already there, and we can help you arrive like a rock star. It’s not too late to show up to the party, and we’d like you to be our guest of honor!

Keeping thousands of consent forms, charts, and everyday paper forms is not only a liability you probably don’t want to have, but the daily anguish of printing and preparing the paperwork can wave bye-bye (along with the 20th century). Not only will our paperless solutions integrate directly and immediately into your Eaglesoft, Dentrix, or OpenDental EHR software, but it’ll cut down dramatically on patient waiting time (and keep your ePHI secure). And yes, to answer your question, this solution is fully HIPAA-compliant. Oh, and before I forget, you can access the data anywhere, anytime from a secure web site (even if your internal network is down)!

We can implement all of this for your practice for way less than you think. To toss a number out there, the whole kit n’ kaboodle comes in at under $150/month for your entire operation.

If you’re one of those people who likes to consider the environment and do what you can to save the whales and the trees, this is a great start.


Everything set up the right way the first time by local geeks standing by to support it.

“There are new stories every day about entire businesses and medical practices shutting down because they got hacked. I don’t want it to be me!”
You don’t need to be afraid. Well, maybe you do. It depends entirely on the equipment you’re using, the software that protects you, and how it was all set up.

It sounds terrifying, but it’s not uncommon for us to visit a new clinic for an initial technical assessment and determine immediately that a consumer-grade, Best Buy wireless router is in place with horrible holes in security, allowing guests full access to all the data in the office and on the server, protected by equipment that can’t reliably keep a 14-year-old and his smart phone out. That’s just one of many scenarios that we run into more often than we’d like to admit.

The simple truth is that not every IT provider is qualified to handle your ePHI environment. Trusting your network and computer system security to an underqualified company or your tech enthusiast nephew can become a serious liability very quickly, and, as long as we’re being truthful here, can end up costing you tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of dollars in the event of an intrusion or even a scheduled security audit. Let us help you be prepared. This is our specific niche and area of expertise, and we won’t steer you wrong so long as you’re willing to listen. Don’t take chances by having someone dabbling in network system security and regulatory compliance set you up for inevitable failure.

Whether your ePHI data is in the cloud or on your in-house server, you are, at least in some regard, responsible for protecting it. We make it safe by keeping the bad guys out.


Securing your system, protecting your assets, and planning for the worst (while expecting the best).

“I have no idea how well my data is protected and where my practice would be if we were to have a disaster. I just try not to think about it.”
Good news! This is what we think about all of the time (sometimes even dream about it, if that’s not nerdy enough for you). In our experience, determining the lack of appropriate network system security measures is rivaled only by our findings in the lack of proper backups and effective disaster prevention and recovery plans (DPRPs). Have no fear; the geeks are here!

An appropriate, relevant disaster prevention plan goes hand-in-hand with protecting your data from intrusion in the first place. You’ve surely heard of these horrible ransomware stories, even in large organizations that should have tangible preventive measures in place. A fully-encrypted, on-premise backup solution should be paired with a fully-encrypted, cloud-based backup system. All of our 50+ managed healthcare clinics and practices have theirs actively monitored and managed for a fee so reasonable it seems … unreasonable. When the additional layer of cyber liability insurance protection is in place, your data is not only protected from ransomware, viruses, and intruders, but your finances won’t be eviscerated if you ever fall victim to a cyber attack. We will hash out a perfect, affordable, foolproof plan to protect your investments and assets (and make the process as fun as this sort of thing can be).

HIPAA law stipulates that a suitable plan is in place to protect your patient data (and to make sure that you don’t lose the farm along the way). Affinity does this better than everyone else (I’m sure you’ve seen a pattern forming by now).

Still unconvinced? Cling to discomfort much?

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