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“It seems like every day I'm hearing about some company's data getting held for ransom or being stolen. I don't even know where to begin.”

You're right; modern cyber vulnerabilities (and establishing a legitimate means of protecting yourself against them) have become perhaps the greatest concern in today's computing. The rules have changed: It's no longer a cat-and-mouse game against Peggy from Russia; it's battling billions of bots, nearly self-aware artificial intelligence, and protecting on the fly against countless developing threats.

But I'm too small for them to notice! I wish that was accurate, but it's certainly not. The autonomous attackers are persistently and ruthlessly scouring the Internet, seeking who they might devour. Nobody is special, and nobody is overlooked because they've perceived themselves to be too insignificant. A single intrusion into an unprotected system and it could mean hundreds of hours (and, potentially, hundreds of thousands of dollars) to get things back how they were (or close enough to it). You've heard these stories. You've read about them. It's a nightmare every single time.

While nothing in this world is a guarantee anymore, we can guarantee the very best protection, top to bottom, for your practice or small business. As per our standard protocol, we will fully assess and recommend a comprehensive security information and event management solution just for you. We don't play the cookie cutter game, and it's almost guaranteed that what we drum up for you will not only be the best available solution, but also the most cost-effective. There's a lot to this stuff, but, you know, it's what we do!

It doesn't have to break the bank. That said, not employing a thorough cybersecurity solution for your system could eventually break it. Your custom solution of unified threat management, 24x7 monitoring and response, Dark Web exposure moitoring, next-generation antivirus, and multi-factor authentication pairs up perfectly well with your current cyber/ransomware security insurance policy, and you can rest at ease knowing all your bases are covered?

Don't have a supplemental ransomware policy? Well, we should definitely be talking about that, too.

Oh. I probably don't have to mention it, but I will anyway: Your customized cybersecurity solution is monitored and managed by our Northern Michigan support staff. You're not entrusting care of your systems to some third party who only cares about the compensation. Affinity has proven time and time again to care about you. Let us continue to be the ones to hold the line against the bad guys.

Still unconvinced? Cling to discomfort much?

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