On-Site Tech Support: Helping you thrive and stay alive - right where you do business.

On-site tech support, eh? What does that mean to me? What does IT even stand for, anyway?

Northern Michigan is a quaint area, home to the small towns we call our own. That's the way we like it! But that doesn't mean that our little haven doesn't have real-world people running real-world businesses (and therefore experiencing real-world technology issues). When it comes to computers, it's generally an emergency when they stop working. That's what we're used to, and that's what we're prepared for. We are prompt, responsive, knowledgeable, and friendly. Very friendly. Almost goofy. Geeks. You'll like working with us. Promise.

From a printer that won't work to getting your server and network back up and running after a complete disaster and everything in between, count on Your Friendly Tech Guys* to get the job done and done right - we are knowledge with a smile!

Oh, and by the way, IT stands for information technology. But you already knew that.

* We have tech girls, too.

Secure Backup Solutions: How sure are you that your stuff is being reliably backed up?

We have a server in the closet. It makes some weird beeping noises sometimes. I'm sure everything's okay.

Well, if your critical data isn't all that important to you, then assuming it's being backed up properly might be good enough. Here's a little quiz to help determine how important it is.

Q: If all of the data supposedly backed up over the last several years was suddenly gone forever tomorrow morning, would that be bad?

If you answered yes, let's discuss an assessment of your network environment and backup system. Sometimes, even when a server is in place, files aren't even being saved to it. A single computer's hard drive goes up in flames, and it's only then that you realize that you'd been saving stuff in the wrong place, and it's probably because whoever put your server in place didn't do it correctly.

Our cloud-based, online backup system is probably the perfect solution for you. It's safe, secure, flexible, reliable, and used by over one hundred of our business clients in virtually every industry.

All In One Place: We can help you gain access to your work from anywhere - securely.

I want to be able to access my stuff when I'm out of the office - and it needs to be secure!

Going out of town for a few days? Good for you! Or maybe you just want to be able to access your computer from home and be able to print and all that good stuff. Not to fear: That's something we do all the time.

As always, we'll assess your individual situation and figure out what's best for you. Whether it's a small monthly subscription fee or a one-time appliance installation, we'll make it happen. That's everything in one place - your business. Everywhere.

Scroll down to the next service topic to learn about keeping all of your documents, e-mail, calendars, and other information securely accessible from anywhere - and even shareable with others!

Share and Sync: You've got your documents and calendars all figured out. Or do you?

I need to have my e-mail and calendars and other data exactly the same on ALL my computers and devices.

Good news! We can totally help with that. Are you one of those folks who will delete an e-mail message on her phone and then it doesn't show up on the work computer? Or vice versa? How about wanting to be able to keep track of calendars on the go, sharing yours with others in the office? Maybe you'd like to be able to work on documents from your smart phone and tablet when out and about?

G Suite from Google Cloud (formerly G Suite, formerly Google Apps for Work, formerly Google Apps for Business, formerly something else) is probably the solution for you. Affinity is a certified Google Cloud Partner, which means that we can get it all set up for you and handle support along the way and after the fact. We can migrate all of your existing e-mail data so that it synchronizes perfectly well across all of your devices, help you share as many calendars as you like, and even take all of your word processing documents and spreadsheets online so they can be edited, printed, and downloaded from anywhere.

If the Google Cloud isn't right for you, don't fret; we have other solutions to tailor to your specific needs, usually using the equipment and resources you already own. Remember - with Affinity, it's all about you.

Anti-virus and Internet Security: Securing your data, finances, and everything else.

I thought only Windows PCs needed anti-virus. Now I'm told even my smart phone and tablet do, too?

In the words of Buford "Mad Dog" Tannen, you thought wrong, dude. Practically every computer, smart phone, and tablet in the world are connected to each other these days, and with global fraud and Internet scams being more rampant than ever before, you absolutely must be certain that all of your endpoints (those are your personal and business devices that are connected to a wireless network or even a cellular phone tower) are secured, protected, and actively monitored for intrusion and Internet bugs.

Yes, that's right - not even your MacBook or your iPad Pro are protected. Some platforms are better protected than others, but you simply cannot afford to allow things to go overlooked. Your home PC might even be used as a center for hosting illegal music and videos to the Web without your being aware of it. Scary!

Affinity is an authorized partner for ESET Security software products. Haven't heard of ESET? Well, it's the best - hands down. From enterprise solutions such as server-side file security and full-disk laptop encryption down to mobile security for your smart phone, these solutions have been time-tested and proven to outperform their competition at virtually every level. Never having missed an "in-the-wild" virus protection to date, ESET products are quicker, leaner, less intrusive, and smarter than the bigger-named ones that come with free trials on your computer - and, believe it or not, they're less expensive in most cases.

Don't even get us started about free solutions like Microsoft Security Essentials and AVG Free that end up costing more long-term than subscriptions you pay for (plus, as a business, you're really not supposed to be using them, anyway)!

Better yet, you don't have to worry about throwing your credit card information to the wolves to pay for it or get surprise fees, forcing you to press 1 for English and wait on hold for an hour to talk to someone who might be able to help you. Affinity handles your subscriptions and billing the way you're used to, and if there are any technical support issues with the software (which are about as rare as a warm day in February), we've got priority support through our partnership agreement with the software manufacturer.

The best part? We can help you find exactly what you need. There are a thousand different solutions out there. Don't be this guy. Let us help.

Still not convinced? See why we chose ESET and why we stand behind it.

All Things Web: From revamping your web site to a fresh start, we make it simple.

Our web site was designed just after the Salem witch trials, and it's mostly still 'under construction.' Help?

We'd love to help. We've been in the web design and development business since 1998 and have done plenty of sites. Focusing on quick-loading, responsive, mobile-ready, attractive sites without all the bloat, we've been consistently making people happy (and without breaking the bank like most of our competition).

It's very important to build modern web sites on a mobile-friendly development platform since over two-thirds (yes, two-thirds!) of web surfing is done from a smart phone or tablet these days. That number is only going to increase. Let us help you develop an attractive, responsive, iPhone-happy web site that appropriately portrays what your business or organization is all about.

Another thing to consider is the importance of allowing that new web site to be found online. It's not reasonable to rely on word of mouth or business cards handed out at a business networking meeting to spread the tidings of your unique awesomeness to prospective customers, patients, or clients. After all, folks you've already done business with aren't going to be Googling for you anyway. From optimization to pay-per-click campaigns to social media integration to aggressive online marketing campaigns, we can not only help you get the word out to the world, but we can save you hundreds - if not thousands - from what you're probably spending on your dying, static Yellow Pages ad.

It's time to jump on the bandwagon. Get found online with a dynamic marketing campaign and use the phone book for what it should be used for - starting a bonfire with your friends!

Networking: From updating old, slow, unsecured equipment to new systems, we can make it better.

Everything is slow. Too many coffee refills. Maybe we need new stuff. Maybe I need to go home. Where do I begin?

That is certainly a common lament! Technology can surely be frustrating - years ago, you spent tens of thousands of dollars on cutting-edge equipment. It has served its purpose, but now it's falling apart, running slowly, and you're not entirely excited about the anticipation of going through the whole rigamarole again.

The good news is that you probably don't have to. More and more of our daily technology is handled in the cloud, and you may not even need a new file server. If you do, you probably don't need to blow through ten grand on an energy-devouring monstrocity you're using less than ten percent of.

Good computers are a lot cheaper than they used to be, and by changing out a few inexpensive devices on your network, you will be surprised by the difference it can make. Let's talk about taking a look at the layout of your existing network before someone else comes through and sells you a bunch of flashy, expensive junk you don't need.

In any case, if it is time for new equipment, get in touch with Your Friendly IT Ninjas. We won't oversell, and we will surely make the whole process more personable and enjoyable than the other geek down the street. We are proud vendors of Peplink networking equipment, partnered with locally-based Frontier Computer Corporation's global IT headquarters right here in Traverse City. This reliable, centrally-manageable, simple-to-monitor line of products has proven itself to be the very best bang for our customers' buck.

File Server Solutions: It's not 2003 anymore. You don't need a $10,000 server. Stop getting ripped off.

Our server is ten years old. We need a new one, but I can't afford a second mortgage.

Most companies rely on server-side technology to handle their data storage and application handling needs. For many, securing an in-house Windows server is a necessity, and for a handful, keeping multiple servers on location is mandatory.

Traditionally, file servers cost upwards of $8,000 - some far more than that - and, for most clinics and other small businesses in the Traverse City area, that is major overkill. Not a month goes by that we don't service a client with an outdated server they paid tons of money for that they never needed in the first place. The servers aren't even working the way they were supposed to, and some aren't even powered on!

The good news is that you are probably in the majority that needs something simple and inexpensive. More and more of our daily technology is handled in the cloud, and you may not even need a new file server. If you do, you almost definitely don't need to spend ten grand on a monstrocity you're barely using.

If you need a Windows server, we'll get you no more than what you need. This usually falls in the $2,500-4,000 range. In many cases, we can save you even more by virtualizing your server into a Linux environment. Talk to us. We won't sell you stuff you don't need. Not ever. And we sleep well at night. :)

Of course, if you legitimately need a monster server solution, then let us know and we'll get it set up the right way!

Please take your time enjoying the rest of the site from the top navigation menu. We look forward to making your day a little brighter!